Contact us

If you have questions, a problem or just need some guidance with your accommodation, we want to be able to help you in any way we can.

Maintenance faults

Faults with your accommodation are to be taken up with your residence office.

Support and advice

If you require one-to-one advice, or perhaps want to discuss problems with a neighbour, you can meet with your warden or speak to your subwarden.

The contact details for your residence office, warden and subwarden can be found on the ‘Contact us’ tab on your <individual residence page>.

Paying for your accommodation

For queries on paying for your accommodation, please visit our Payments contacts page.

Safety and security

If you see or hear anything suspicious, and you are concerned, please contact Security Services. The Service is available 24 hours a day and are there to keep you safe and happy. There is a non-emergency and an emergency contact number.

Non-emergencies: 0113 343 5494 or 0113 343 5495
Emergencies only: 0113 343 2222

Comments or complaints

If you would like to leave us feedback regarding our accommodation, positive or negative, please fill out the <comments and complaints form>.


For any other enquiries, please contact Accommodation Services.