Sustainable living

Share our commitment to sustainability by getting involved in our University-wide sustainability projects and our Living it Green campaign.

Sustainability at Leeds

In size we’re equivalent to a small town, employing 8,700 staff and educating over 38,000 students. Our presence can have both positive and negative effects on our local and global community, which is why we take our economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts seriously.

Our aim is to become a university where sustainability is truly embedded through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation. Sustainability will be an integral part of our operations and decision making and will bring about positive, sustainable change for the future. 

There are numerous projects and initiatives well underway and many more planned for the future. Head to the Sustainability website to find out more about how you can get involved and make a difference.

Living it Green campaign

The Living it Green campaign in University residences is all about reducing our combined impact on the environment through:

  • reducing energy consumption
  • reducing resource consumption, reusing materials and recycling waste
  • encouraging sustainable forms of transport
  • promoting positive impacts on other environmental issues.

Find out more from our Sustainable Living Guide.