Deadlines and apply

There are strict deadlines for applying for accommodation. If you miss any of these we may not be able to help you.

Step 1 – accept your academic offer

You must have formally accepted your academic offer (conditional or unconditional) before you apply for accommodation. For undergraduates, this means you must have accepted Leeds as your firm offer through UCAS. If you have done this, you can apply for accommodation from 1 November.

If Leeds was your insurance choice only, but you have now accepted your place, you can apply for accommodation between 17 August and 31 August.  

If you deferred your place in a previous year through UCAS, please contact Accommodation Services to enable you to apply for the current academic year.

Step 2 – choose your accommodation

Take a look at Our residences to explore the different types of accommodation we offer. You can choose between catered and self-catered rooms, and all your bills are included in your rent. 

If you want to find your own private accommodation, we have information on where to find non-university accommodation.

Read Choosing your accommodation for more information on private accommodation and comparing the costs of our residences.

Step 3 – special requirements

At Leeds, we want everyone to feel comfortable and at home. If you have any special requirements, make sure you let us know. Read Special requirements for more information, and make sure you fill out the Additional Requirements form if you need to.

Step 4 – apply for your accommodation

The application process will be available between 1 November – 1 July for accommodation in September. You’ll need your UCAS personal ID number if you applied through UCAS or your Leeds student ID for everyone else.

There are different deadlines dependent on your situation.

Apply by 1 July if you are:

  • a new first year undergraduate applicant and have accepted Leeds as your firm choice
  • an undergraduate exchange student coming to Leeds in September
  • a taught or research postgraduate starting in September or October

Apply by 31 August if you:

  • originally accepted Leeds as your insurance choice but your offer has now become firm.

Apply by 1 December if you are:

  • an undergraduate exchange student coming to Leeds in January 2018 (semester 2).

Apply at least two months before you start University if you are:

  • a postgraduate beginning study or research at any time apart from September or October.

You can log in to and complete the application form via our Accommodation Portal.

Problems with online application system

Contact Accommodation Services with your full name, Leeds student ID number or UCAS personal ID number and your date of birth.

Accommodation is not allocated on a first come first served basis, so you will not be penalised by this delay, as long as you apply by the deadlines.

Step 5 – submit your application

Check all the details on your application are correct then click ‘Submit’. Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll see an acknowledgement page and a summary of your application.

You’ll also receive an email summarising your application and inviting you to log onto the Accommodation Portal. If you don’t receive this email by the next day, please contact Accommodation Services.

Step 6 – we will allocate you a room

We cannot guarantee you’ll get your first choice of residence, but we’ll make every effort to find you somewhere suitable.

If you have an unconditional offer at Leeds, we will allocate your accommodation between 18 July and 1 August. 

If you have a conditional offer we will allocate your accommodation after your application becomes unconditional – in most cases soon after A-Level results are published. Don’t worry if your friends find out where they have been allocated before you do. With nearly 8,000 applications to look through, we have to send offers out over a number of weeks.

If you are a postgraduate we will email you in July to give you additional information about accommodation, and ask you to confirm your preferences. We will then allocate your room from late July to early September.

If you have not received an email offering you accommodation by 10 September please call us on (+44) 0370 1200 189.

Step 7 – accepting a contract

Once we’ve allocated your accommodation we’ll send you an email. Please check your junk or spam folders regularly to be sure you do not miss our email.

Our email invites you to log on to the Accommodation Portal to check your contract for accommodation. You should read this carefully, including the terms and conditions. If you are satisfied, accept the contract as soon as possible and definitely within 4 days.

When you accept the offer online, this creates a legally binding contract for the time period stated. Make sure that you are fully aware of your legal commitments before you accept.

From the portal, you can also access links to our online induction programme and our payment instalment plan. You must pay your £200 deposit within 4 days of accepting your contract and complete both the induction programme and payment instalment plan before you arrive.