Residence Network (Wi-Fi)

The wireless broadband speed available to you at your residence is 30 Mbps.

This high speed cabled and/or wireless internet service is included in your rent and the University has just upgraded the service that you will receive.

Using eduroam (the University Network), you are able to simultaneously connect up to 5 devices to the wireless network and now the service will provide you with a faster average upload/download bandwidth connection speed of 30 Mbps for each of those individual devices at all times.

In contrast, many other internet service providers (ISPs) actually provide contended services, i.e. the bandwidth they make available is shared between several or many more connection users and all of their devices. Contended services are normally sold quoting the highest maximum speed but they commonly only guarantee a minimum data throughput speed and the highest maximum speed is usually only achieved at low usage times.

The following table illustrates that 30 Mbps bandwidth is likely to meet most of your requirements.

Table of bandwidth utilisation
Streaming video on Smart TV 4.00 Mbps
Social media 0.03 Mbps
Streaming hi-def movie on Smart TV 5.30 Mbps
Sending Email 0.08 Mbps
Streaming music 2.00 Mbps
Playing online games 0.02 Mbps
Audio call with other players 0.30 Mbps
Skype with friends 0.30 Mbps

If you are concerned that a device you are using is not reliably achieving a good connection to the internet then please test it a few times utilising the following link Then if the quality and speed of your connection continues to be a concern, please report that to the University’s IT Service Desk. IT Service Desk team members will also be able to provide you with advice or assistance if slow data transfer is occurring because your hardware is faulty or if your software is not up to date. For more infromation about connecting to the Residence Netowrk please visit the IT website or contact them on the details below:

IT Service Desk, 10.01 E.C. Stoner Building
Telephone: (0113) 343 3333
Self Service Portal: