Returning next year

Each year we have a limited number of rooms that we are able to offer to students who wish to return to University accommodation.

If you are an international undergraduate student (paying the full fees) and apply by the deadline, we guarantee you an offer of University accommodation, although we may not always be able to offer your preferred residence.

For other returning students, we are sorry but next year we do not anticipate that we will have sufficient space to offer you accommodation. However there is a huge amount of varied and quality student accommodation available in Leeds - both in privately owned larger residences and shared housing. We recommend that you search for housing via Unipol

We welcome applications from disabled students who feel that private housing would not meet their requirements. To help us process your application please include some supporting information such as a doctor’s letter.

How to apply

You can apply online from 9am Monday 23rd November 2020.

You must apply before the deadline of midnight on Sunday 31 January 2021.

All applications should be submitted online via the Accommodation Portal. Please contact us if you need a family application form.

The accommodation costs for 2021/22 are not likely to finalised until early next year. We anticipate a slight increase on this year’s rents, which you can find here.

Some residences are more popular than others and if demand is high, we may need to close applications for some, or all, residences before the deadline date.

If you are applying with a friend or as part of a group, please make sure that you all put each other’s names on the application forms.

If you will be resitting exams over the summer, you must tell us as soon as you know.

If you are hoping to do a year abroad or year in industry but this has not yet been confirmed, you must tell us when you apply.

We may be able to offer you a short-term contract if your course requires it. Please give full details on your application form. If you will only be in Leeds for:

  • one semester - we will usually be able to house you with friends who are here for the full year
  • two terms and will leave to do a third term abroad - we will need to house you with other students who need the same length contract.

What happens next?

We aim to send you an offer of accommodation after applications have closed - so expect to hear from us in February.

When you receive your accommodation contract, you will need to accept it and pay £200 deposit within 4 days which you can pay online.

Please ensure that you check your emails regularly as we cannot be held responsible if you miss the deadline for accepting your offer. If you don't accept your contract and pay the required deposit within the timescale we won't be able to hold your room.